A clearer view . . . a cooler world The sun's heat streaming through your windows can produce serious heat gain causing your air conditioning costs to soar. Until recently, your only real alternative was to block the heat with dark tints or reflective window coatings. Now there's Solis, a transparent polymer film that is applied directly to your windows. The film is "sputtered" with a patented metallic coating only a few hundred atoms thick. The combination of film and coating blocks 87% of the infrared rays responsible for heat buildup. Solis also blocks 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage skin and eyes and cause materials to fade, yet Solis is virtually clear. Conventional window films, on the other hand, substantially reduce the amount of normal visible light, and are highly reflective, thereby altering and distorting the natural view from both inside and outside. No other film can match the performance of Solis.

Aquarium with Solis window coating

  • Clear, virtually colorless
  • Maintains building aesthetics
  • Transmits 70% of visible light
  • Reduced solar heat gain by 55%
  • Slows heat loss in winter
  • Low heat absorption (Substitute for double-pane glass)
Ocean view through Solis coated window Protection
  • Blocks 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Reduces fading of furnishings and retail window display merchandise
  • Holds broken glass together
  • Applied to existing glass windows
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • Minimal workplace disruption
  • Lifetime residential warranty, 10 year commercial warranty

Specifications (click link for definition)

Visible light transferrence
Ultra violet (UV) rejection
Visible light reflectance
Total solar energy rejected
Total solar reflectance
Total solar absorptance
Total solar transmittance
Shading Coefficient
Solar heat gain coefficient
Luminous Efficacy
Performance data is based on Solis clear being applied to the inside of double-strength 1/8" clear, monolithic, annealed glass.

Currently installed in (click on picture for full image)

McDonalds Playplace Commercial - Solis is excellent for commercial applications because it does not change the appearance of the building or the reflectivity of the glass, but by reducing heat gain by 55%, significantly reduces air conditioning load. Solis has been installed at the American Institute of Architecture Headquarters in Washington D.C. Other commercial Solis installations include the Guggenheim Museum and the Thailand Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok.
Retail - Solis window coatings protect your precious merchandise from the harmful effects of UV light without changing the visibility of your store displays and merchandise. It also provides a more comfortable environment for customers. As an approved lighting contractor for McDonalds, Corporate Energy has also installed Solis in many area franchises. Other retail installations of Solis include Esprit stores, Ford dealerships, Exxon convenience stores, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster Video, and StarBucks Coffee. Esprit strorefront
luxary home Residential - Unlike conventional films, Solis preserves your beautiful view and does not change the appearance of your home. By rejecting 98% of ultraviolet rays and 87% of infrared radiation, it will significantly reduce fading and reduce heat gain. Because of its unique features, Solis was awarded a Best New Products of 1997 Award by Today's Home Owner and has been featured in Popular Science. Check out these installations of Solis in a luxury home and luxury condominium.